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Canadian History made fun.
Yup - in the same sentence.

Gramps' Garage is an online video series focusing on Canadian History, making it fun and accessible to all. Kids and adults alike can learn a ton about the history of Canada through this exciting and engaging format.

In Gramps' Garage, history and imagination go hand-in-...well...wrench. Gramps is a self-professed Canadian History aficionado and Episode 1: Canadian Confederation is the first installment in this exciting series. Each episode, you can join Jessie & Gramps as they explore new, intriguing and diverse historical topics. Each 5-minute episode provides a condensed overview of a concept, jam-packed with fun and music.

Who knew Canadian History could be this much fun? Gramps did.

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Jessie & Gramps would love to come to your school!
Sandbox Children's Theatre is touring a theatre show featuring Jessie & Gramps in the 2014-2015 school year. Click here to find out more!

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We want to continue Jessie & Gramps' journey into history. In order to make more episodes, we are counting on your support. Please share Episode 1 on Facebook, show it to your kids, tweet it to your mom, tell a teacher or principal about it, tell your dog, and whisper it to your goldfish. Stay tuned for more episodes!